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Calendar of Shows on The Probate Nation

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January 10  Life Insurance Consultants Ken Fahmy and Michael Feinberg review the challenges of Dealing with Life Insurance in an estate
January 24 Attorneys Beth von Keller and Barbara Kissinger review how to obtain an Adult Conservatorship and Guardianship in Prince William County
February 14
Attorneys Elizabeth Wildhack and Paul Barnett outline how to pursue an Adult  
Conservatorship and Guardianship in Arlington County February 28 Attorneys Rachel Downs and Christine Mougin-Boal provide guidance on how to pursue an Adult  Conservatorship and Guardianship in Loudoun County March 14 Attorneys Elizabeth Gray and Kimberly Murphy discuss how to pursue an Adult  Conservatorship and Guardianship in Fairfax County March 28 Conservator and Guardian To Do List in First 90 Days discussed by attorneys Valerie Geiger and Loretta Williams April 11 Suzanne Simpson from Heir Search Inc. discusses the process of locating the heirs of an estate in Finding Heirs of an Estate April 25 Bonding agents Keith Seekford and Paula Crouch are featured guests on Bonding the Conservator May 9 Sharon Nelson and John Simek from Sensei Enterprises, Inc. talk about Dealing with Digital Assets in probate May 23 Chief Deputy Clerk, Ben Ortiz from the City of Alexandria Circuit Court Probate Office discusses probating an estate in Alexandria City June 13 City of Alexandia Commissioner of Accounts Gary Lonergan talks about probating an estate in the City of Alexandria June 27 Attorneys Sheila Costin and Saben Johnston discuss how to pursue an Adult Conservatorship and Guardianship in the City of Alexandria July 11 Dave Williams, CPA reviews the Application for an Employer Identification Number, the FEIN, for an estate, a revocable trust and an irrevocable trust July 25 NOVA realtor Roger Grooms reviews important steps to take and pitfalls to avoid in Selling Real Estate (by an Estate or Conservatorship) August 8 Maryland attorney Paul Riekhof provides an Overview of Maryland Probate August 22 Dave Williams, CPA reviews the Application for an Employer Identification Number, the FEIN, for an estate, a revocable trust and an irrevocable trust September 12 Neuropsychologists Cynthia Sullivan and Jeffrey Wilken discuss signs, testing, treatment and practical consequences of dementia in Does Mom Have Dementia? September 26 Mark Frye, CPA reviews The Income Tax Returns to be filed, including the final personal income tax return [Form 1040], the initial fiduciary income tax return and the final fiduciary income tax return [Forms 1041] October 10 Qualifying for Adult Long Term Care Medicaid in Virginia, attorney Evan Farr and Lucy Beadnell from the ARC of Northern Virginia review the criteria to qualify for adult long term care Medicaid and planning options to meet that criteria. October 24 Frederick County Commissioner of Accounts Benjamin Butler talks about the role of his office in the probate of an estate in Frederick County

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May 26 Arlington County Commissioner of Accounts William Murray talks about  probating Arlington County estates.
June 14 Attorneys James Boring, Richard Boatwright and Howard Birmiel discuss Dealing with Real Estate in probate.
June 28 Attorneys Southy Walton and Jonathan Bronley discuss probating Small Estates.
July 7 Attorneys Gretchyn Meinken and Joseph Stuart discuss Dealing with Insolvent Estates in a probate
July 21 Attorney Andrew Vanderhoof and Matthew Quinn from Quinn's Auction Galleries discuss Dealing with Tangible Personal Property in probate
August 2 Fauquier County Commissioner of Accounts Gary Pearson talks about Fauquier County probates 
August 9 Attorneys Peter DePaolis and Jack Burgess discuss Dealing with Wrongful Death and Personal Injury claims in probate
September 10 Loudoun County Clerk of Circuit Court, Gary Clemens, and William Loy, Lorrie Gordon and Joy Hayes from the
Loudoun County Probate Office discuss probate qualification in Loudoun County
September 24  Loudoun County  Commissioner of Accounts Mindy Hetzel talks about probating an estate in Loudoun County
October 11  Jeff Lee, Cardinal Bank Branch Manager and attorney Ryan McConnell from Wells Fargo Bank discuss Dealing with Bank Accounts in probate 
October 25 Attorneys Michelle Wright and David Wilks discuss Federal Estate Taxation
November 8 Attorneys Elizabeth Morrogh and Daniel Rathbun provide an Overview of Fiduciary Litigation
November 22 Attorneys Thomas Repczynski and Joseph Stuart discuss in "Is this a Will?" the challenges of admitting Wills to probate
December 13 Mediation and Arbitration of Probate Disputes discussed by retired Fairfax Circuit Court Judges Leslie M. Alden and Robert W. Wooldridge, Jr.
December 27 Financial Planner Greg Bernhard from Plum Tree Financial talks about "Dealing with Investment  Accounts" in probate