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1.  Overview
The Arlington Probate Office oversees all probates for Arlington County and the City of Falls Church.   Their experienced and knowledgeable staff of Probate Clerks, which includes Kathe Powell and Mary Strehle, administer with great efficiency the ebb and flow of the volume of probate qualifications in Arlington, along with their other responsibilities.  They average around 700 probate qualifications each year.
Appointments to qualify as an executor or administrator of an estate must be scheduled in advance. This is done by calling the probate office and speaking with one of the probate clerks. They will do whatever intake they deem necessary in that phone call to determine if you have called the correct Probate Office, whether you need to qualify or not,  what you need to bring to your appointment, and more.  
If you must be bonded with surety, you will need to make arrangements to procure that bond in advance of your probate appointment.
Probate appointments generally take 30-45 minutes.   All the qualification paperwork is completed during the probate appointment.
In their experience, the most common reasons you will not be able to complete your probate qualification during your scheduled appointment are you do not have the original death certificate or you are unable to be bonded with surety.

2. Location and Contact Info
Address: Arlington County Courthouse, 1425 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 6300, Arlington, Virginia.   
Telephone:   703-228-4376
 3. Checklists and Questionnaires
The Arlington Probate Office web page contains a list of what you need to bring to your appointment, and other helpful information to ensure your qualification can be completed during your scheduled appointment time.