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1. Overview
The Fairfax Commissioner of Accounts Office (COA) oversees all probates in Fairfax County. They receive between 3,000 and 3,600 account filings each year. Of these, approximately 1,800 filings are new matters. In the recent past, most of those filings were estates and trusts.
At present, the Fairfax COA’s office staff consists of twenty-one people, including the commissioner, the deputy commissioner, the executive director, the chief operating officer, a vice-president for administration, six full-time account auditors, one foreclosure and estate account auditor, one inventory account auditor, two communications coordinators, an intake clerk, an electronic documents clerk, a delinquency clerk, two law clerks and a file clerk
2. Location and Contact Info
Address: 10555 Main Street, Suite 500, Fairfax, Virginia 22030  [The location abuts the main parking structure for the Fairfax courthouse complex. There is some limited pedestrian access between the COA's building and the Fairfax Court’s parking structure.]
Telephone: 703-667-4900
3. Checklists and Questionnaires
The Fairfax Commissioner of Accounts Website contains a wealth of information regarding the estate administration process, from tips for fiduciaries and beneficiaries, a Help Desk, fillable forms, answers to common questions, and much, much more.  No matter what NOVA jurisdiction is responsible for overseeing your probate, you will find something useful on this website to facilitate your probate journey.
4. Video Introduction to the Fairfax County  Commissioner of Accounts Office
In July 2015 interview,  Fairfax County Commissioner of Accounts John H. Rust, Jr. discussed the role of his office in the administration of Fairfax County estates from the filing of the Inventory, accounting for all assets received and disbursed, beneficiary distributions, common pitfalls to avoid, advice for beneficiaries, and much more.    A video replay of this interview can be viewed at Resources-Television show.  Click Here